Babu Gogineni Sent To Jail

Bigg Boss show is turning out to be an interesting one. The show has a lot of special surprises for the audiences. Last night, the housemates got a new captain in the form of Roll Rida. Soon after taking up the responsibilities as a captain, Roll Rida was asked to send two housemates to the jail for breaking the rules of the house.

Babu Gogineni Sent to Jail
Babu Gogineni Sent to Jail

Roll Rida selected Babu Gogineni for speaking in English the most and Tanish for not holding up the mike properly. Both were sent to the jail. The housemates were unhappy that they were sent to the jail. Some of them asked Kaushal to utilize his jail card but he has turned a deaf ear for those requests.

Babu Gogineni is ready to face the jail life as he agreed that he spoke in English at times.

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