Babu Baga Busy Censor in Mumbai

Character artist Srinivas Avasarala’s upcoming Adult comedy Babu Baga Busy has got much-needed hype for its adult content. The interesting plan of makers to avoid censor is now revealed by unknown sources.

Babu Baga Busy Censor
Babu Baga Busy Censor

According to the obtained reports, the factor of adult content in this movie is making the director and the producer worry about the Telugu censor. Touted to be the Telugu remake of Hindi adult comedy Hunter, the movie has got steamy scenes in many places with blended comedy. If these adult scenes get removed by the Censor, they might lose much-needed connectivity among scenes which result in total chaos. For this, the makers have decided to complete the Censor formalities in Mumbai where the level of obscenity varies for AP and Mumbai so that their movie gets almost no cuts. So the makers will get the film censored at Mumbai with probably A certificate without cuts.

This film portrays the lead character Srinivas Avasarala’s s*x desires for being a s*x addict and his multiple affairs with lead girls Srimukhi, Chakraborty, and others. The movie got postponed from releasing on 14th of April to another week.

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