Baahubali’s big news about Audio Launch!

Prabhas Baahubali Audio in Tirupathi
Prabhas Baahubali Audio in Tirupathi

As the release date for Baahubali is coming nearer, other events that make the movie such a big sensation have been in the news lately. Firstly, the audio launch of the film was scheduled to release on the 31st of May along with the trailer but it was postponed due to security issues. Now, the event is reportedly taking place on 13th of June. Even a Bhoomi Pooja was carried out at SV University grounds (in Tirupathi) by the makers of the film for this event.

On another note, the director went ahead and released one song on Youtube called “Sivuni Anna” which went viral within a few minutes. The masterminds behind this rhythmic song is MM Keeravani who even sang and Inaganti Sundar who wrote it.

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But, on the downside, the songs have already leaked online before the official audio launch. It is known that the entire story line had been leaked before and now the pirated songs are also a curiosity killer. However, the leaking of the songs has made every fan very enthusiastic.

Few more days and it will all be official!

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