Baahubali Thunders at Comic-Con festival

Baahibali-The beginning has created many records and still continuing its magic at the box-office. Recently the film was also released in China and is also earning fortunes for the distributors.

Baahubali Comic Con Festival
Baahubali Comic Con Festival

Baahubali was shot in two and a half years with a mind-blowing budget of 250 cores. The team took enough efforts to publicize the film and succeeded in gaining attention. S.S. Rajamouli has directed this magnum opus and is preparing for the sequel Baahubali-The Conclusion.

The whole team is busy in preparations for the second part that starts it’s shooting in the last week of November. To the surprise of us, Rajamouli has decided to end the shoot in just four months which is a very less time. According to him the producers have spent enough money in creating the first part, and shouldn’t be pushed more for the second part. With not many retakes and more time of shooting, he set a target of completing the film by March and releases it in June 2016.

In the recent promotional activity, Baahubali was seen making some activity at the comic-con festival in Hyderabad. Comic-con is a festival where popular comic books, clothes, movies, characters, costumes, stickers, and toys are displayed. Superhero movies like Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman are a common entry in this festival. This time Baahubali also made an entry into this zone and displayed their stocks. Baahubali stalls appeared in the festival and attracted children and youth. It is the second time the Comic-Con festival is stalling Baahubali.

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