Baahubali Prabhas Turned as Veerabali

Prabhas Veerabali
Prabhas Veerabali

Remeber Prabhas’s disaster film in Telugu Rebel directed by Raghava Lawrence. Now it is releasing in Tamil with the title Veerabali.

Prabhas has garnered nationwide recognition after playing the lead role in historic hit ‘Baahubali, which was a huge hit in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam. Now, to cash in on Prabhas’s craze, few Tamil filmmakers have decided to dub his Telugu films in Tamil.

Action packed disaster Telugu film ‘Rebel’ is chosen to be dubbed and released in Tamil as ‘Veerabali’. Even though the title is in sync with ‘Baahubali’, the film was a historic flop, just the opposite of Baahubali.

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However, makers are confident of the film as it was directed by Raghava Lawrence, a well-established name in Kollywood. We have to see if this film strengthens the image of the actor or kills the image created by ‘Baahubali’?

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