“Baahubali” Prabhas meets his diehard fan

Young Rebel Star and Baahubali fame Prabhas visited his die hard fan Sai Kumar recently in Khairathabad, Hyderabad.

Prabhas and Sai Kumar
Prabhas and Sai Kumar

Sai Kumar is a diehard fan of Prabhas. Two years ago while riding a bike, Sai met with an accident, in the accident Sai lost both his legs. From then on he was placed on a wheelchair. Knowing “Baahubali” release, Sai felt so bad that he cannot watch his favorite actor on screen due to being physically challenged.

Prabhas, who came to know the story of his die-hard fan, gave a visit to his residence in Khairathabad on 10th of October. Seeing Prabhas in real Sai was left in tears.

Prabhas learned about Sai’s health and gave his contact number. He said to approach him for any help if needed.

Additional to that Prabhas decided to take Sai Kumar to the sets of Baahubali-2 and make him watch the shooting part.

With this Prabhas not only is a huge star after “Baahubali” but also a hero with a good heart.

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