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Implementing a ‘Suspension of Disbelief’ correctly is quite a difficult task. However, for the taskmaster S.S.Rajamouli it doesn’t seem to be difficult. With Bahubali, he achieves it 100%. In the two and half hours of the Bahubali – The Beginning, he marvelously transports you through time and space.

You find yourself amidst spectacular waterfalls, chilling mountains and badass battlefields.

Baahubali Poster
Baahubali Poster

The story of the film (including the second part) was pretty evident and transparent from the trailers. All it matters for the movie of this kind is whether the story has been narrated and demonstrated in captivating manner. Fortunately, this extremely anticipated film does hit the bull’s eye right at the centre.

The story unfolds with Sivagami (Ramya Krishna), a Rajamatha trying to save a baby. The tribals find the baby in a river, adopt and name him as Sivudu (Prabhas) . Destiny introduces him to Avantika (Tamanna) which eventually leads him to connect back to the kingdom he is the successor of. First half is about how destiny makes Sivudu enter the palace. He is surprised that everyone there recognize him and address him as ‘Bahubali’ . The second half goes back 25 years narrating how the saga actually began.

Right from the first frame, there is grandeur in the visuals. Some frames were paintings. The VFX were way ahead of the Indian standards if not international. If we want to talk in terms of numbers, then 80% of the places the graphics were impeccable. And achieving this number is no joke. It needs a tremendous vision, which Rajamouli and his team seems to have in abundance. Their passion got transformed beautifully on the screen. Sabu Cyril’s work is beyond description. The minute details leave you stunned.

The first scene of the film is promising as Ramya Krishna’s screen presence was outstanding. She resembled royalty with a great élan. She disappears after that scene and re-enters in the second half. The body language is simply cracking when she sits on the throne with two infants on her laps. Her role is as powerful (or even a step more) as Neelambari. She was flawless would be an understatement.

Its not a visual wonder, It’s a visual THUNDER.

Prabhas looks inconsistent in terms of looks and sometimes exhausted too. To be honest he was disappointing in bunch of scenes and covered it up well in some vital scenes. The love-track between Sivudu and Avantika was good having a Raghavendra Rao mark style. There is not much footage of Rana, but the movie sets the stage for a probably mind-blowing performance in the second part of Bahubali. However, his introduction scene was something special. Satyaraj also excelled as Kattappa.

Great background score by Keeravani is also an asset to Bahubali bringing out the right elevations and emotions at right time.

The only drawbacks of the film seem to be excess drama in a couple of scenes and a sense of incompleteness the viewer has because the film stops abruptly. Yes, it is known that there is second part (‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ which will release in 2016) but the much required trigger to watch the second part was lacking.

To describe the experience of watching Bahubali – It’s not a visual wonder. It is a visual THUNDER!

P.S: Watch it in theatre with good sound and projection to get a wholesome experience

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