Baahubali angers the Jain community

As to the latest updates on S S Rajamouli’s magnum opus Baahubali, the film managed to draw the attention of Jain community in Karnataka – in a negative way. It turns out, that the name Baahubali happens to be the name of one of the revered Jain saint Bahubali – a proponent of peace.

Even though the Tollywood periodical revolves centrally around the brave warrior Baahubali, the community is not convinced. They state that using the title for a commercial entertainer at the end of the day insults their religious sentiments. Last week, Jain institution Sode Matha issued a lefal notice to director Rajamouli, condemning the using of the name Baahubali.



Made on an exorbitant budget of 70 crore rupees, the film is planned to be released in two parts. Special videos of the lead pair Prabhas and Anushka have recently made waves, highlighting the detailed costumes used depicting that century. Rama Rajamouli had taken over the costume designing like in the last opus by S S, Magadheera.  The climax scene of a major battle involving thousands of junior artists and the leading trio is now being planned to be shot.

The Jain sentiments revolving around the title used have been explained logically by a Mutt legal consultant, M.C Nagashree – the name Bahubali epitomizes peace process of humanity and has been wrongfully used for making a war based periodical that will showcase bloodshed and hatred. The Jain community is open for a settling negotiation, once Rajamouli responds to the legal notice. Incidentally S S himself hails from Karnataka and had went on to become one of the top directors of Tollywood.

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