B Unnikrishnan Thanks Mr Fraud Team on Facebook

Director B Unnikrishnan and his movie Mr Fraud starring Mohanlal has been in the media spotlight for some time now. The huge controversy surrounding the release of the film, which pretty much involved everyone in the Malayalam cinema industry towards the end, held Mollywood hostage for days.


Finally, the issue was resolved and the dust settled to reveal the releasing day as May 17. The movie then got a clean U certificate from the regional censor board making it a fully fledged entertainer for the whole family – a rare deal these days, especially in the action/thriller genre.

Even more recently, the press raised the rather important though insulting question to the director, whether the controversy surrounding the film’s release was manufactured to hype up the actual release – to which Unnikrishnan replied that he prefers not to answer such undignified and baseless allegations.

Now, B Unnikrishnan has come on Facebook to express his gratitude to all those who stood by him through the troubling few days past and during the making of the hugely anticipated movie. This was what he posted:

I saw the 2K projection of Mr Fraud late night yesterday. The movie completed its shooting in 52 days and post production in 27 days. For this, I am much obliged not to myself but, to my entire staff and crew of my film, who dedicated their full hard work.

I am much thankful to the producer of the film Mr Anoop, who gave his full support for the perfect finishing of my film. When many issues avoked with respect to the release of the film, silence was my only reply to all the controversies. My sole strength was the support provided to me from the whole staff and friends of the Malayalam film industry. Their support and unity was my strength.

I take this opportunity to thank Producers Association, AMMA, the theater owners who still have true friendship within them, for the true and healthy support they rendered. Mr Fraud will be all yours from this May 17. Audience, who will spent their money for watching the film, will pass on the judgement that I made an entertaining movie from them, is all that I need. Good day to all.

He also added later that the movie will have English subtitles when released outside Kerala quoting the formula’s success in the case of his other flick starring Mohanlal Grandmaster. Unnikrishnan says he feels it’s high time that Mollywood expanded its potential market beyond its state borders.

The movie was produced by AV Anoop under the banner of his own company AVA Productions.

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