B Unnikrishnan Banned From Mollywood

It seems the feud and the controversy surrounding the Mr Fraud movie release has not done its damage yet, as the reports are rolling in that director B Unnikrishnan has been ‘banned for life’ by the Film Exhibitors Federation, which consists of theatre owners under the leadership of the President of the organization – Liberty Basheer!

Unnikrishnan Banned in Mollywood

The director had just posted a message of gratitude to his crew and film fraternity in general on Facebook, but now it seems the relief and celebration over the culmination of the battle was short lived. The theatre owners say that the allowing of the Mr Fraud release was just to show a positive step in the relationship between the organizations in the industry.

Initially, the FEF was criticized for taking out a grudge on one individual director on the whole movie and the industry as a whole. Now it looks like the theatre owners have caught on and are singling out Unnirkishnan for their penalties.

B Unnikrishnan, of course, is the General Secretary of the Film Employees Federation of Kerala or FEFKA and it is yet unknown what their response would be to this announcement by the FEF would be.

The whole thing started, allegedly, when the inauguration of the headquarters of the FEF in Kochi was boycotted by many in the film fraternity and it was suspected that Unnikishnan was behind this move, pulling the strings.
With the different organizations in Mollywood wielding so much power, it remains to be seen what troubles the future of the small regional cine industry holds for its millions of ardent fans.

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