Azharuddin’s son still in very critical condition!

The condition of Mohammad Ayazuddin, son of former Indian cricket captain and Moradabad MP Mohammad Azharuddin, who was grievously injured in a mishap here, continues to be ‘very critical’ for the second day today even as doctors are trying to assess the condition of his brain.

Ayazuddin continued to be on ventilator support for the second day on Monday.

Doctors, however, said Ayaz was doing better than he was on Sunday. Though he is still unconscious, his young age is likely to help him cope with the injuries better.

“Ayaz was brought to the hospital on the morning of September 11 in a collapsed state. Following aggressive resuscitation, heart activity was revived and he was taken for emergency surgery in view of uncontrolled bleeding from a left lung injury."

"Subsequently, he started bleeding from the left kidney and bladder. The patient was given blood products and coagulation factors. In view of continuous bleed and hemodynamic instability, angiography and embolisation of the bleeding vessel of the left kidney was done and bleeding was controlled,” said Dr Hari Prasad, the CEO Apollo Hospital.

Dr Hari Prasad said: “The main worry was the status of the brain. We do not know for how long he was lying on the road after the accident. We do not know how long the brain did not receive blood supply.”

It is suspected that there may be significant brain dysfunction due to anoxia during the period in which the patient was in a collapsed stage. This can, however, be confirmed only after a series of neurological tests.

“We used 70 to 80 bottles of blood. A multi-speciality team is working on him. His condition is still critical,” said the doctor. Neurological assessments are being performed to assess Ayazuddin’s brain condition.

Azhar rushes to Ajmal’s house from London

Mohammad Azharuddin was shocked when he visited Apollo Hospital at 3 am on Monday and heard the doctors on the precarious state of his son Ayazuddin, who was put on the ventilator.

Azharuddin had rushed from London, doing the last leg of his journey from Mumbai on a private jet to arrive in Hyderabad at 2 am on Monday.

“As soon as Azhar reached Hyderabad, he rushed to the house of his sister, Farah, and nephew Ajmal’s house in Banjara Hills. He stayed there for an hour and spent time with the family. At 3 am he visited Apollo Hospital, where his son Ayaz was put on the ventilator."

"After reaching the hospital, he was briefed on Ayaz’s status. His blood pressure dropped after listening to the doctors. He was asked to take rest in the hospital. He went out on Monday evening on some personal work,” informed a source.

Naidu, Chiru visit hospital

Several prominent personalities like Telugu Desam Party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu and actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi visited the hospital.

According to police, the mishap occurred around 9 AM yesterday near Puppalguda toll-gate on Outer Ring Road here when a Suzuki sports bike, which Ayazuddin and Ajmaan were riding, skidded. Ayazuddin is the former cricketer’s son from his first wife Naureen.

Ayazuddin, who is pursuing B.Com at a city college, is a budding cricketer who played for his school and also club cricket.(PTI)

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