Ayyappa Songs – Bhajana Geethalu

Ayyapa Deeksha is a very popular and famous Deeksha across India, especially in the South India. This Deeksha is worn only by males and females also allowed to wear but there is age restriction for them. Fenales of below 10 years and more than 50 years are eligible to worn Ayyappa Mala. The duration of this Deeksha lies between 40 days to 41 days. The person who undergoes the Deeksha will be addressed as ‘Swamy’ in reference to Lord Ayyapa.

Swamy Ayyappa Devotional songs
Swamy Ayyappa Devotional songs

During this Deeksha, the Swamy shall wear only black dress. No footwear is allowed during the time of Deeksha. He shall be having only fruits and other non-masala substantial foods during the time Deeksha.

Important Rules for Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha:
1. The Deeksha be taken for 41 days and not lesser than that.
2. The mind, body and soul shall be kept in purity. Feelings, attractions and emotions shall be controlled during the time of Deeksha.
3. To attain eternal peace, a Swamy shall wake up at 4 O clock in the morning and shall bathe without heating the water.
4. Twice in a day i.e., Sunrise and Sunset is when the pooja shall be performed.
5. Cosmetics such as soap, face cream, oil, etc. shall not be applied to the body.
6. Should be far away from meat.
7. Should bath twice a day.

These are seven main essential rules that shall be remembered while performing Deeksha.

When speaking of Ayyapa Mala, Ayyapa Deeksha, devotional songs is what makes this Deeksha a wonderful journey. Have a look at few Yesudas collections of Bhajans, Ayyapa songs, bhakthi ganam and Bhajana Geethalu in Telugu, Tamil and Malaylam.




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