Awesome meaning in Pawan Kalyan’s bike number OM 786

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is set to blast box office with “Gopala Gopala”. Interestingly, Pawan is going for a Hyosung 650 bike which is reportedly a 6.6 lakh worth bike. The number plate has the letters OM 786. This number plate has an awesome meaning which says all Gods are one and the same!

Pawan Kalyan Bike OM 786 Number

‘OM’ is a Hindu word which is used as an abbreviation to respect God. 786 is a special number for Muslims. Indian Subcontinental Muslims use 786 number as an abbreviation to the phrase, “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.” Along with OM 786, there is a cross symbol on the number plate. Cross is considered to be a holy symbol for Christians.

By including OM 786 along with a Cross, Pawan Kalyan and his team is set to respect all the religions. All these holy symbols on single number plate means that all Gods are one and the same! Awesome definition with just a number plate picture. Folks were discussing about OM 786 from the past few days and they might not have got this point from the number plate. Here is the real definition for Pawan Kalyan’s Hyosung 650 bike number plate.

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