AWE trailer – Creative and innovative in every scene increases curiosity

Nani’s first production, Awe theatrical trailer is out. The film has already amassed huge expectations, given the characters looks, and the unique promotional strategy. The film is likely to be a science fiction thriller and will release on February 16th, 2018. The movie’s trailer has been released on YouTube, towards the end of the day on 31st, January 2018.

Awe Trailer
Awe Trailer

The trailer opens with a girl humming the music syllables, with a background voice stating, ‘last entry in my diary… I will be committing a mass murder today’. With Kajal shown from a top view, and frustrated Regina finding a way out of herself, the trailer throws light on the little girl’s character.

She shows-off her mystical abilities in front of the magician (Murali Sharma), who is soon caught up with a croc in the washroom. With glamour oozing out of Nithya Menen’s look, she will be a spectacle on the large screen.

Nani makes his presence as fish, ‘every fish does cry, boss. It’s just that you can’t see them, given our existence in waters’. Meanwhile, Srinivas Avasarala confusing look adds the exact sufficient amount of thriller, while Kajal’s act of stripping away the petals, indicts fear and suspense in the audience.

On a whole Awe, theatrical trailer leaves many questions unanswered, only driving the audience towards the theatres to find them!

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