Avasaraniko Abaddam Movie Review – A Very Routine Horror Thriller

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Every friday is said to be the big day for filmmakers. The reason is so simple that this is the day of the week on which their film releases and decide their fate. Having a successful friday leads them to have a successful career ahead at least until the release of their next movie. Many big budgeted and low budgeted films release with the number of theatres they can get. Film with a big star get maximum theatres available and the one with not so well known faces hardly get any theatres in some centres. One such a film which is low budgeted and having unknown faces is releasing today in the name of “Avasaraaniko Abaddham” directed by Suresh KV and produced by Chakram Creations. Let’s see how it works on us!


A still from Avasaraniko Abaddam
A still from Avasaraniko Abaddam

Four friends (Lokesh, Rajesh, Shashank and Geethanjali) just complete their graduation and they decide to go on a trekking tour for some days to escape from the pressure of their parents in getting a job as early as possible. Geethanjali runs away from home as she doesn’t like the match her parents set for her which she reveals to her friends during journey. She decide to marry her boyfriend who went on some work to another place. They find out that the destination they are meant to go is now closed and are not allowing anyone to enter which makes them to go to another forest which is haunted and they go into a cottage. They go into the forest for sightseeing and lost for three days. During this escapade, the girl finds a handycam. Policemen are in constant search of three youth who are missing. These four friends comes to know about the youth for whom police are searching. What happened to the missing youth?? Who are they?? What happened to these four friends? Answers to this questions form rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Lokesh, Rajesh, Shashank and Geethanjali, the four leads of this Avasaraaniko Abaddham are okay in terms of acting and their characters has nothing to offer in terms of anything. Other actors are seem to be less than okay. Child who acted as ghost is fine.

Writing Department

Story of Avasaraaniko Abaddham is very very routine and has nothing new. It’s screenplay is boring and dialogues are okay.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Sai Kartheek are bad. Background score he did is just okay. Cinematography by Venkataramana is okay. He did a fine job compared to the budget of this movie. Editing is okay. Every craft of this movie has done a very mediocre and okay job. Production values are fine.


  • Can’t find anything positive


  • Routine Story
  • Flawed execution
  • Music by Sai Kartheek


Avasaraaniko Abaddham is a movie which runs on the line of a group of friends going on a tour after college to enjoy. This movie begins with introduction of ghost aspect in a forest affecting a farmer by a small child and after which the four friends are introduced in a college canteen where they decide to go on a trekking trip to a forest with the influence of the girl in their group. This movie runs on the line which we are seeing from the 90s in which friends go on tour and find something mysterious at their destination and their struggles to survive and escape from there. Director should have taken a lot of care in scripting. As Alfred Hitchcock said, a script is the most important thing in making a good movie. He failed in executing what he wrote on paper effectively on screen. This movie adds to the list of just additional movie released and nothing more than that. To summarise, watching this movie till the end somehow helps you boost your patience levels.

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