Avakaya Biryani

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)



Akbar(Kamal kamaraju) a early morning paper boy and a auto driver in avillage called Devarakonda is an orphan as lost his father in childhood. Along with other uneducated gand he lives under the rule of masterjee(Rao Ramesh), the village head. A muslim leader ‘Babar’wishes to divert Akbar as religious chauvinist. But Akbar follows ‘love all’ concept.


There comes a brahmin family in exodus from another village and resides in a house. Their plan is to start hotel business in the village and also sell avakaya. The elder daughter lakshmi(Bindu Madhavi) in that family falls in love with Akbar.


Its all about how Akbar and Lakshmi unite?How the hindu-muslim love is accepted by lakshmi’s father who belives in strict Brahminism? How the hotel business will be started by that family? How Akbar becomes a hero in the village from mere auto driver?all these form the rest of narration.




Kamal Kamaraju needs to groom in expressions and other histrionics but he looks ok with his physique and the bearing. New girl Bindu Madhavi is ok with the character she played in the film but to show versatility she needs to groom herself


Director would have done better work on dialoges. Lacking in the required punches which leaves the audiences without sufficient entertainment.


The songs ‘Nannu chupe addam..”govardhanameththaadu gopalude.’ and mamidi kommaku maa chlakammaku…’which has a music by manikanth deserves great mention and have received good applause.




the film aptly suits to hit the fil festival across the world. It has some message in it. Aneesh would have got better experience with the films those will be played in film festival. Thangar Bachchan’s ‘Pallikoodam’, where the lead role works hard for a social cause and the betterment of a place, here the lead role in’Avakaya Biryani’ also does the same. That may not be taken as the only common point between the two. The way the story is narrated with remote village bacdrop, limited set of characters with typical characterizations etc…


Up to some extend the film has lacked in energy and audiences find it difficult to get connect to it. Although Aneesh has comparison with many award winning film makers, he brought some doughts in the heads of some audiences:


How a village family goes to another remote village for livelihood?Many audiences felt that it would have been convincing had they gone to city. And again why the heroine goes to Hyderabad to sell pickles?How the village head masterjee speaks in pure Andhra acent in Devarakonda, a Telangana Village?


What is the characterization of Babar?He dresses up like MIM leader and sits along with CM other time he roams as Vagabond on a motor cycle and appears as Mutton Shop Mastan’ in the another frame. Finally he loses himself in an auto race with hero!!!


The film has got many concoctions that suit for film festivals whch leaves aside the trivial doughts. Religious tolerence, inter-religious love, village politics, auto race, auto driver growing as mandal president and all the style of narration is sometins different without the influence of any contemporary director. Lack of sufficient humor and comedy, in comple of scenes between village head Masterjee and an eccentric fried of hero Akbar during auto race brings laughs. Aneesh after his blatant satire on Tollywood with ‘confessions of Film Maker’ has made this commercial flick as his debut. Only separate set of audience can patronize this movie.


its a movie that moves in slow but different pace with creative cinematography, worth mentioning framing, enticing music and quality R.R, we can see a techinical brilliance in the making. Aneesh tried to balance the equation between his creativity and commercial point. But on a whole at the end, it givesa ‘boring feel’ for some and a good relief for others. As the tempo of the movie and also the subject remind us of the 1990’s delhi doordarshan T.V serials like Malgudi Days, Govind Nihalani’s Tamas’, etc….’

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