Autonagar Surya Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Plot :

Surya(Naga Chaitanya) loses his parents at a young age when some goons kill his parents.and grows up in the motor field area of Auto Nagar. The area is in under the control of the ruthless mayor(Madhu) and his gang well supported by Indra (Jaya Prakaash Reddy).

Being a talented mechanic, Surya decides to build a vehicle which runs solely on battery and create a huge revolution in the motor field. As soon as he starts working on his project, he finds out that the complete area including the workers union is under the powerful mayor and his goons. He commits a murder and goes to jail.

How Surya, being a common man fights against the system and becomes the famous Auto Nagar Surya, forms the rest of the story. Read Autonagar Surya Review


Critical Analysis :

The movie was well set up and promoted to be an intense action cum emotional drama.

Naga Chaitanya tried his hand at core action with this film. Chaitu, who has mostly done romantic characters in his career so far, does not look believable in his action avatar initially. But as the film progresses, he goes on to impress! The young Akkineni lad carries the film entirely on his shoulders and does not disappoint with his performance.

Samantha, plays Chatanya’s lady love and does not have much to do. Her role is limited role in this film and she does her bit. Though, she needs to be complimented for her crackling chemistry with the Akkineni scion.

Sai Kumar gets a major chunk of screen time but he does not to any good with it.

Television star Madhu plays the villain in the film an his acting is at par with the expectations from him.

Jayaprakash Reddy and Ajay are their usual self and are pleasant to watch.

The director of the film, Dev Katta has done a wonderful job with the dialogues and execution of the film.

There are many philosophical and thought provoking lines in the film, which are rare to find in a Tollywood masala action film. The director’s hand though were tied with the subject he chose. The subject with a backdrop of 90s and a revenge story in the fray is not new to the audience. More work was needed there!


Anoop Rubens music is just about average. The songs do no good to the film. Background score of the movie makes the movie more interesting.

The film is too long to be interesting. Good editing could have saved this film, which was lying in the cans for quite long. But sadly, the film disappoints.

After setting up the tempo for an exciting second half, Dev Katta goes the commercial way, and adds unnecessary songs and scenes in the script.

The climax of the film was finished too soon (probably the makers realised that the film was becoming too long).

Ideally, the film should have been reduced to being close to 120 minutes to keep up with the story and the further transition between multiple characters’ situations. The movie fails to impress on entertainment grounds. It is the quintessential home video movie which does not really require the effort to go to the theatres.

Though one thing is for sure! Naga Chaitanya is the true hero and the only saving grace of this otherwise pretty ordinary film. After “Manam”, this is certainly his best performance till date.

On the whole, Auto Nagar Surya is one film which starts off with great promise, but gallops its way down in the second half. Naga Chaitanya’s striking performance is a bonus, but lacks maturity and fails to live up on the entertainment quotient.

Final Verdict : 1.5/5

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