Attarintiki Daredi – Hollywood Dream Cast!

So what happens when a blockbuster like Attarintiki Daredi were to be remade into English – a la Hollywood. We try to come out with funny possible options. The dream cast of Hollywood’s Attarintiki Daredi! Pun intended!


Robert Pattison as Gowtham Nanda (Pawan Kalyan)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood1

Dialogue in English:  “See Mr. Siddappa, lion and me are similar; it shaves and I don’t ..remaining all qualities same to same.”

The ‘Twilight’ star has what it takes to come atleast a wee bit closer to Power Star’s magic. However, not close enough!



Mila Kunis as Sashi (Samantha)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywoo2

Playful, naughty and cute – Mila will fit the bill as maridelu Sashi in the Hollywood version. Absolutely Kiraaak!!


Jennifer Lawrence as Prameela (Pranitha)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 3

She is the good girl next door. Who else can play that except Jennifer.


Angelina Jolie as Sunanda (Nadhiya)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 4

Hot, gutsy, bold, arrogant – the words ring loud with Jolie in mind. She would be the ideal choice for playing the Hollywood ‘Attha’, kicking some bad asses!


Tom Hanks as Shekar (Rao Ramesh)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 5

Hanks would be perfect to showcase those intense emotions for the family as Rao Ramesh did in the Telugu version.


Mark Wahlberg as Hari (Mukesh Rishi)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 11

Who can play that angry brother, trying to fit in the scheme of things, other than Wahlberg. He would be an excellent pick for Mukesh Rishi’s role in Telugu.


Michael Caine as Raghunandan (Boman Irani)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 7

Classy, legendary and veteran – Caine will be the ailing Raghunandan. No question.


Morgan Freeman as Siddhappa Naidu (Kota Srinivasa Rao)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 8

Freeman will be that deserving choice for Kota’s role as Siddappa. His style, aggressiveness and perfection – all fall in place here for the role.


Adam Sandler as Paddu (Ali)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 9

Sandler will tickle the ribs and get people cracking as Paddu in English version.



Zach Galifianakis as Baddam Bhaskar (Brahamanandam)

Attarintiki Daredi in Hollywood 10

And finally, the one who will play Baddam Bhaskar – Zack would nail it – be it the Bascar awards, the radiator or as a diamond merchant of Uganda.

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