Attack Telugu Movie Review – RGV’s Mad Show

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

A director is said to be captain of ship. He controls and authorises everything that goes into making of a film. Directing a single movie at a time is an exhausting task, mentally and physically. So, directors don’t take that risk. As an exception to this, we have RGV aka Ram Gopal Varma. We have a plenty of movie posters or teasers or trailers released of his movies. One in that list is Manchu Manoj starrer “Attack” produced by C Kalyan, Swethalana and Teja under C K Entertainments, having Beeruva fame Surabhi as lead actress. It is releasing into theatres today. Let’s see how it works on us!


RGV Attack 2016 Telugu Movie
RGV Attack 2016 Telugu Movie

Guru Raj (Prakash Raj) is a business man and a person who once runs a rowdy gang. He has three sons Kali (Jagapathy Babu), Gopi (Vadde Naveen), Radha (Manchu Manoj). While on a visit to temple, Guru Raj is attacked by a gang and is killed. His family is clueless about the motive behind this attack. Kali starts digging out the possible reasons and motive for this attack and people involved and planned. Everyone starts going opposite them. They even gets no support from anyone. They doubt a person and find about his whereabouts through a Police. Kali goes there with his gang and he is killed in this attack. Then it is the rise of Radha to solve all the problems. Who is behind these attacks?? What is the motive behind these attacks?? form the rest of story.

Writing Department

Attack story plot is just laced with attacks and counter attacks. There is nothing to look into this story. Dialogues are simple and philosophical at times. All the characters in the movie are under developed. The script of this Attack is a big zero. Screenplay is bad. It fails to engage audience and also fails to create curiosity.

Technical Departments

Music by Ravi Shankar is okay. His background music has nothing to do with this movie. His score where Jagapathi Babu dies is very bad. Cinematography by Anji is good. They are all RGV’s vintage angles. Ariel shots are good. Editing by Anwar Ali is mediocre. Stunts are well composed. Production values are good.

Cast and Performance

A Still from RGV Attack Movie
A Still from RGV Attack Movie

Manchu Manoj as Radha doesn’t get much to perform in the first half. He is good throughout his role. Jagapathy Babu as Kali is impressive. It is said to be a comeback of Vadde Naveen. He is good with his performance. Prakash Raj as Guru Raj is adequate. RGV narrated philosophy through his role. What can a good actor/actors do when the script itself is a vaccum. Surabhi is seen hardly in the movie. Poonam Kaur is only meant for her thigh show. Abhimanyu Singh is good. Other actors are adequate.



  • Prakash Raj


  • Music
  • Story
  • Screenplay


As the movie title itself is “Attack”, movie begins with a Ram Gopal Varma’s style of attack on Prakash Raj. It goes on in the search of the people behind the attack and consequences leading to that attack. Protagonist Manoj doesn’t get much to perform or prove for the first half as it is the show of Jagapathi Babu, attacks and counter attacks. Manoj always stays in background in this half. This half begins with an attack on Prakash Raj and ends with another attack on Jagapathy Babu. Slow paced narration backed up with loud background music and lack of engaging moments makes this half disgusting. Second half begins with the rise of Manoj. He starts sorting out all the problems and finding the culprits behind attacks on their family members. Just an attack and its planning and its consequences run this movie. To sum up, Attack is attack, attack, attack and all about attack. Watch it at your own risk.

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