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Nara Rohit in Asura Telugu Movie

Asura Movie Review: The dashing and daring Dharma

After movies like Baanam and Solo, Nara Rohit is back with another movie that is worth making a conversation about: Asura. The actor paired with director Krishna Vijay to bring forth this action entertainer about a jailer and one incident that shakes up his life.


Dharma (Rohit) is a jailer who is true to his duty and the law. He generally abides by all the rules until one day when a dangerous convict called Charlie (Ravi Varma) steps foot in his jail to undergo his death sentence.

The story picks up when Charlie starts to plan a huge escapade to not undergo the death sentence. The film takes huge scenes into revealing the twists and turns, the dialogues and conversation exchanged between Charlie and Dharma, and also a little fling between Rohit and Priya Banerjee catches most attention from the viewers. The rest of the story is about how successful Dharma is in preventing the convict to escape.

Plus Points:

Nara Rohit and Priya Banerjee in Asura
Nara Rohit and Priya Banerjee in Asura

Nara Rohit: Nara Rohit wins hearts again with his off-the-charts and unexpected story-lines. Rohit is powerful and convincing as Dharma and has brought his maximum to the film. Further to his acting, for a role this intense, Rohit’s base voice adds to the charm for all his dialogues.

Major Scenes: There are certain scenes in the movie that will leave you breathless or rather make you feel like you are about to sky dive such as a hanging scene in the jail or even the interval block. Well, that’s exactly how a thriller is supposed to make you feel!

Ravi Varma: Ravi Varma as the convict couldn’t have been done better. Even though an antagonistic role, Ravi Varma makes himself a protagonist in every scene in his own right. He grabs all the opportunities he gets in the confrontational scenes with Nara Rohit.

Camerawork: The film is very rustic and rebellious which keeps in track with setting of a jail and its characters. The narrative is on par with the crispy storyline as well.

A Still from Asura Movie
A Still from Asura Movie

Minus Points:

Second Half: Most films set our expectations high in the first half of the film. So, we buy more popcorn during the interval to gear ourselves up. But, the second halves tend to drag along or become slow paced. Asura was a victim to this too!

Priya Banerjee: You could have watched the whole movie once again without Priya and not notice that she has gone. There isn’t much her role does in the film except add a little glamour and blush. Even her acting skills weren’t that captivating.


If you want to bite your own finger thinking its popcorn, Asura IS something you need to watch. The movie is commercially and socially well done with dialogues that leave you intrigued and a story-plot that will keep you thinking about what’s going to happen next.

Not Many Laughs: It is indeed a serious film with a serious agenda so don’t expect to laugh your guts out, sorry!

Asura: Nail-biting thriller with tongue-tying narration.

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