Astronauts and VFX in Chandamama lo Amrutham

Director Gunnam Gangaraju comes back with a rib tickling comedy to the audience with his next directorial, Chandamama lo Amrutham. The film stars actors like Srinivas Avasarala, Vasu, Harish Inturi in the lead roles and some more actors and actresses in prominent roles. The film has some special elements apart from comedy to look forward to. For example, there is a scene on a moon with actors playing astronauts in a dream sequence. The scene that  is coupled with VFX and has been shot with great difficulty. The actors could not talk through their suits and had to use sign language to communicate, says the director. The film is supposed to take another three months for post production, and the viewers can look forward to an entertaining film, says Gangaraju.

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