Aspiring Actress Purnima Chased Two Men When They Asked Her Rate

This is the story of aspiring actress Purnima Behl, who chased two men for teasing her publicly in Mumbai.

Purnima Behl
Purnima Behl

In Detail: Purnima is a 26-year-old model from Jammu, who arrived in Mumbai two years ago to achieve her dream of becoming an actress. Since then she stayed at the Bandra.

Last Thursday, she met with a couple of eve teasing men, which lead to a series of filmy sequences. On the past Thursday, Purnima went to an evening jog at Bandra Bandstand at around 10.30 PM. Here, after her jog, she was resting on one of the benches located nearby. She was talking on the phone with her family in Jammu while a guy approached her asking if needed any help. Though, she denied for any help, and the man went on asking her name and why is she so busy on her phone.

Few moments later another man approached her and sat beside her. At first she didn’t realise that these two men are together, but after noticing the second one sitting closer to her, she started fearing. She continued to talking on her mobile.

The weather became more frightful when the person sat beside her started staring at her and was in an intention of talking to her. The man then asked her how much she would charge him for one night. It is then the 26-year old Purnima gathered all her braveness and started shouting at the men.

She told them that they were shameless, harassing a woman sitting alone. She further threatened of complaining to the police, to which they replied saying “do whatever you want, we are not afraid.” This was when she got terrified.

Purnima, who was shouting at the men for 10 minutes, didn’t believe what was going on. Though the places around her is crowded with families, joggers and walkers; no one even cared of supporting her or questioning the two men. She said that she simply doesn’t understand the mentality of the people.

After a series of yelling by Purnima, the two men ran and caught a running auto. Alerted Purnima also took an auto and said the driver to chase the auto carrying the two men. After chasing them behind for a while, luck favoured Purnima as there was a routine police check. As the culprit’s auto was passing the check, Purnima got down from her auto and ran towards the police informing about the men,

The Police took the auto under their control and arrested the two men. While reaching on to the police, a culprit took advantage of less police and ran away, leaving only one person to take the charge over. Though, the left over culprit denied the charges and asked for a second chance, Purnima opted for registering an FIR.

Bandra Police Station confirmed that the accused, recognized as Dinesh Yadav(27) who is a boxer from Haryana and charged under IPC sections 509 and 34.

The next day the culprit was presented in the Bandra Court and was granted bail. Bandra police assured of locating the other one named Amit Kumar. Amit was the one who first approached Purnima.

After the court’s decision, Purnima stated that she was disappointed by the court orders. She hoped that other women will step forward and take action against those men who harass them.

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