Asin and Neil Nitin Mukesh breakup through SMS

Actress Asin and Neil Nitin Mukesh were dating for quite sometime. Their relationship went well for couple of months.

Now it is believed that, the couple got broke up and wants to end their love relation. Sources very close to Asin has revealed to media recently that, Asin has sent text message to Neil Nitin Mukesh which said “It’s over” when he was calling her frequently on her mobile phone.

Their relationship was always a secret one as Asin seems to have made it clear to Neil that their relation should never be exposed to anyone. And very few even in the film industry did not know that they are going around until now.

Sources close to the couple have also said that the couple was just like the other couples who fight often and then get convinced, but are like two opposite poles with opposite mentalities. Asin is an ambitious, dominating girl whereas Neil is fun loving and cool going man but still they managed to maintain their relation till now. The actual cracks started coming into their relation when Asin started getting close to Salman Khan for which Neil started doubting on her. Neil even had issues when she went along with other actors like John Abraham and Akshay Kumar and felt she is sidelining him. Neil has always raised the issue to her but she ignored for all.

After all these, when he tried confronting her and speak to her, she told him to back off the relation saying “It’s over” in her text SMS.

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