Ashley Tisdale poses nude for magazine!

‘High School Musical’ star Ashley Tisdale has shed her Disney image and posed naked for a magazine photo shoot.

Tisdale, 25, appears in Allure magazine’s May issue as part of its new nudes shoot, which also features Kaley Cuoco, Keri Hilson and Bridget Moynahan.

"I’m 25, almost 26, but people think of me as much younger because I look young," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling the publication.

"Being in this shoot was me saying, ‘I’m not just the young girl everybody thinks I am. I’m actually a woman’," she stated.

While she may be all grown up, the actress made sure she got her mother’s approval before stripping off.

"I’ve always wanted to be sure my parents approve of what I do. Even with my tattoos, my mom went with me. The ‘believe’ tattoo is because my mom always told me to believe," she added. (ANI)

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