Mumbai model shunned Aryan Rajesh

A beautiful Mumbai model has shunned the offer to star with Aryan Rajesh. This has resulted in going for Shradda Arya for his film with debut producer and director. Sources said that a Mumbai model whose name starts with the letter S was selected from among a dozen girls. The hero, director and producer had even camped in Mumbai for a week in this selection. The girl was selected and even an advance was also given. Back in Hyderabad, the director was shocked to hear from the model that she would be returning the advance and not doing the project. Again, the team left for Mumbai to get the reason. Interestingly, they found that her parents were not willing to allow the girl to become an actress. After repeated trails to convince the parents, it failed and the team was once again back in Hyderabad. The real reason was later out. Of course, the team knew it well. The girl’s side got to know that the hero was not active in the industry, though he entered the same years ago. That side further dwelt deep into the track record of the hero. Of course, no need to writer further.

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