Arya tears up after watching Amara Kaaviyam!

Actor Arya has a niche but devoted following among Kollywood fans and his choice of good characters and projects as an actor may be the reason for this – so it should come as no surprise that the actor has chosen an equally unique tale as the project which launches his home production company The Show People and also serves as a debut vehicle for his brother Sathya. We are of course talking about the movie Amara Kaaviyam!


The movie which finished filming a few days seems to have also completed most of its post production work as the director Jeeva Shankar aired a special screening for Arya and his friends this Sunday on the 18th.

Reportedly, Arya was so overwhelmed by the depth and beauty of the epic romantic saga that he left the location teary eyed and silent after the screening in order to collect himself. He later returned and brought with him an order of 143 cakes for the unit and the crew of the flick.

Why a 143 cakes? What’s the relevance of the number? You guessed it and Arya confirmed it – “It symbolizes the three words I Love You…”

The actor also said that after watching the movie, he felt it matched the standards of a Hollywood production in terms of storytelling and stated with enthusiasm that if this is any indicator of things to come, he would definitely produce more films like this.

The motion picture stars his brother Sathya and Mollywood actress Mia George who is making her entry in to the Tamil cinema industry with this one.

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