Arya gets Nayantara kicked out?!

In essence, yeah… that’s what they are saying! Let us get in to it shall we? Arya’s and Nayantara’s friendship is a known thing in industry circles and to an extent even among the fans who adore the duo.

Some time back though, certain rumours had surfaced that the pair had a falling out but it turned out to be nothing in the end and the matter was laid to rest. But recent events are forcing the industry watchers and other interested parties to poke at that bit of news again.


Here’s what happened…

It was reported a while back that Arya was one of the leading contenders and quite possibly a confirmed candidate to play one of the lead roles in the remake of the smash hit Malayalam movie Bangalore Days. Well, at least in the Tamil remake. Supposedly, there is a Telugu remake in the works too.

Now, Nayantara was being considered to play one of the female leads in the huge cast of characters the movie has, and it looks like she has been rejected now or so say the reports.

The reason though is where it gets interesting. Sources say the film’s makers let Nayan go because – get this – Arya expressed some discomfort in working with her or did not want her in the project!

This one has everyone stymied. What happened between the duo and why wouldn’t he want to work with her? After all, it was only recently that he was recommending her for a part in the upcoming movie of his close friend Vishal.

Not that Nayan needs personal recommendations to get projects of course! She remains the queen of the movie industry in the south with the fattest paycheques rolling in.

But this whole affair is rather disconcerting to say the least.

Anyway, ‘Bommarilu’ Bhaskar will be donning the role of the director for the remakes of Bangalore Days and eager fans wait for further details to be revealed soon!

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