Arya 2 Movie Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

What it’s all about?
Arya-2 is all about the maniacal ways of a young guy who will go to any length to protect his friend. At the same time he will also do anything to get what he wants – including the girl whom his friend loves very much.

The plot:
Arya (Allu Arjun) and Ajay (Navdeep) are orphans. Arya will do anything for friendship and he even lets a chance to be adopted by rich couple go to Ajay as he loves him very much. The problem is that Arya is a maniac and a psycho and will go to any lengths to get what he wants.

Arya follows Ajay like a shadow but Ajay does not like the ruffian like lifestyle of his friend one bit and wants to get rid of him. He tries but fails. A beautiful girl Geetha (Kajal Agarwal) joins the software company of Ajay. For Ajay it is love at first sight. The problem is it is the same case with Arya too.

Geeta hates Arya but he loves her very much. Ajay wants Geetha at any cost. The cunning and psychic Arya convinces Ajay that he will make Geetha fall in love with him. Ajay trusts Arya but he ends up marrying Geetha.

Arya then tells Ajay that he has married Geetha only to stop her father from marring her off to the son of a factionist. Will Arya keep his word and handover Geetha to his best friend Ajay or will he cheat his friend? To know the story, go and watch the movie.

The actors:
Allu Arjun plays the maniacal and psychic friend and lover to the hilt. He plays out the dual roles – that of a software engineer and a ruffian like character with ease. Allu Arjun also makes his fans happy with his stylish dance steps.

Kajala Agarwal is as beautiful as ever and suits the role of a girl torn between two lovers perfectly. Navdeep does a good job as the weak and subdued friend of Allu Arjun. Sraddha Das oozes some glamour. Brahmanandam manages to spill some laughs. Sayaji Shinde and Mukesh Rushi are convincing in their roles as factionists. The rest are okay.

The music is good and the song Ringa… Ringa…Ringa…makes the audience go gaga. The other song that is cool is ‘I Love You…’

The bottom line:
Arya-2 with its not so impressive story and screenplay comes as a huge disappointment. The film is supposed to be about love, friendship and more importantly sacrifice but it is not really so.

The ending may be in tune with the characterization of the hero but it does not really impress the audience. Arya-2 is unlikely to set the box office on fire.

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