Arvind Swamy opens up about his long hiatus

Arvind Swamy steals the show with his marvelous acting in Dhruva. He got candid about his long hiatus and his personal decisions in Dhruva success meet.

Aravind Swamy in Dhruva
Aravind Swamy in Dhruva

Speaking to the media, “About seven years back I had an accident, so I injured my spine and then I got paralysed in my leg and all that happened. So it took me some time to recover from that so you know when I took a break from films, I didn’t realise how long the break was going to be. I just wanted to do things I had in mind, but I never had a plan as to when I’m going to come back.”

Speaking more about the tragedy in detail, he added that,” I had to go through my accident and rehabilitation and I couldn’t even, I was paralysed, I could not even get up to walk some distance. But last year I ran 21 kilometres.”

However, it is indeed an amazing and altogether inspiring story that Arvind could go through such a horrible accident and still recover back to his peak fitness condition.

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