Arvind Swamy Confirmed Opposite Ram Charan?

Ram Charan and Surender Reddy are keen on remaking Tamil super hit “Thani Oruvan” is Telugu as soon as possible. Producer, hero, heroine are all ready fro this thriller, except the villain. Now rumors say that director Surender Reddy convinced Arvind Swamy to do the anti role.

Arvind Swamy as villian to Ram Charn
Arvind Swamy as villain in Ram Charn’s

Arvind Swamy was also the anti in the original film that starred ‘Jayam’ Ravi and Nayantara. He was first contacted for the negative role in Telugu remake; while he rejected saying that he cannot do the same role again once done.

After his rejection, the character went to Nara Rohit and then to Nagarjuna. Though there wasn’t any official information about their acceptance or rejection, it once again went to Arvind Swamy.

Carrying the role handsomely in Tamil version, Surnder Reddy and Ram Charan managed to convince Arvind Swamy for the same role in Telugu too. With hesitation Arvind Swamy had to agree the offer.

Now, how much remuneration did Arvind Swamy asked for this role wasn’t leaked.

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