Artistic director to take Mass Route

Director Ramaraju, who made artistic films like ‘Mallela Theeramlo’ and ‘Oka Manasu’, is said to be planning to make a commercial love story as his third project.

Director Ramaraju
Director Ramaraju

Even though both his films were praised for their content, they didn’t show any impact at the box office as they were branded too snail-paced for mainstream audiences. Although the name of Niharika Konidela managed to bring good openings for ‘Oka Manasu’, the film didn’t sustain due to poor word of mouth.

Meanwhile, Ramaraju is said to have already prepared a mass love story. Madhura Sreedhar Reddy, who produced the first two films of Rama Raju, will produce this film as well. ‘Cheekati Prema Katha’ is said to be the title under consideration for this film. More details will be announced in due time.

Meanwhile, ‘Oka Manasu’ is slowly making its run at box office.

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