Arpita Khan’s husband dreaming of debuting Bollywood

Arpita Khan Husband Aayush Sharma Bollywood Debut

Arpita Khan’s husband, Aayush Sharma has a dream of entering Bollywood. It seems that this person who hails from New Delhi belongs to politicians family. His dad as well as his grandfather are politicians. Aayush is from a rich respectable family.

As a person, Aayush gives more priority to his looks and fashion. It seems that his dream is to enter Bollywood as a hero. Aayush made few trails in the past and he met Arpita Khan through common friends in film industry. From there, their relationship reached till marriage.

Now, as Aayush is a part of the mighty Khan’s family, we can expect Salman Khan and Sohail Khan to help Aayush turn into a top actor in Bollywood. In future, we may see this actor as a hero in Bollywood film industry.

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