Arnold Troubling Shankar for Robo 2!

After the disaster of his last release “I,” Shanker is aiming high with the next film. ‘Robo’ that stood as the biggest film in his career is undergoing the process for a sequel. ‘Robo 2’ will once again star Super Star Rajni Kanth in the lead role. For this prestigious project, Shanker chose Hollywood Super Star Arnold as the anti.

Arnold conditions for Robo 2
Arnold conditions for Robo 2

Shankar, who is in a sheer determination of erasing the records set by ‘Baahubali,’ has planned hugely for ‘Robo 2.’ In the process, Arnold was consulted for the villain role. With producers being ready to pay a check of Rs100Cr, Arnold agreed to do this film.

While Shankar thought that everything is set right and planned to commence the shooting, he is now facing trouble from Arnold. Since Arnold playing the anti, the unit planned for a 50-day shoot over this Hollywood hero, but Arnold has allocated only 36 days of call sheets. Additional to this Arnold suggested Shankar to make some changes in the script with the help of Hollywood writers.

Surprised by Arnold’s, Shankar is left with a doubtful mind.

Rajnikanth starrer ‘Robo 2’ is produced on a huge scale of Rs 300 Cr. This film will be produced by Lyka Productions and will start its shooting once Rajnikanth completes the shooting of ‘Kabali.’

Will Shankar accept the conditions of Arnold or will go for another option shall be seen.

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