Arjun Reddy Movie Director Sandeep’s Shocking Comments

The flick Arjun Reddy has released and became blockbuster all over. Along with appreciation, the director Sandeep is bagging huge controversy.

 Sandeep's Shocking Comments
Sandeep’s Shocking Comments

Already some politicians like V Hanumantha Rao has made enough fuss regarding the posters of this flick. Later he has made sensational comments on this flick and demanded a ban. The other day some women organizations in Vijayawada has been protesting in front of Arjun Reddy theatres demanding a ban on movies like Arjun Reddy. Sandeep who had enough with all these controversies seemed restless. Irked with their actions, Sandeep revealed his uneasiness.

In a recent interview, he has made it clear that if they continue troubling him like this, he will not make movies in Telugu. Instead, he will make movies in Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tamil or Malayalam.

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