Arjun Rampal lashes out at Media over fake divorce rumors

Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia

Last seen in ‘Roy’, Bollywood star Arjun Rampal, vented out his anger on Social Networking Twitter and showed to the world his angry side. Arjun was angry about the fake rumors circling around about his divorce with wife Mehr Jesia. There have been news in the media that Arjun and Mehr were heading for a divorce and were spotted at Bandra court.

Shunning the rumors, a visibly annoyed Arjun posted on Twitter handle a few hours ago, “My wife and I where at Bandra court filing a divorce?Say,Midday&few others.U know it’s really easy to find that out.Did u bother? #fakepress”.

He continued to say, “The state of affairs about journalists in India.They on group chats on wasapp and cook up stories.Thats where news is made.That’s the truth.”

The real reason why the tinselville couple were at Bandra court was that they were present there for an old friend. Arjun clarified on his status, “The truth about Bandra court? The couple were old friend Marc Robbinson and Wallucha. Oops they got their facts all wrong again. #fakepress

This isn’t the first time Arjun and Mehr have been targeted and surrounded by fake rumors. Even in the past Arjun had borne the brunt of fake news surrounding separation with wife Mehr and even more baseless rumors of being the cause of separation of Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan. Arjun even made it clear, “From today I refuse to do any personal interviews or discuss my personal life with any media person. Mind your own business. #fakepress

Mehr and Arjun have been married for over 27 years and are blessed with two lovely daughters, Myra and Mahikaa. Both, Arjun and Mehr, are very happy in their lives and we see no point in cooking up rumors about their divorce, until it comes from an actual source!

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