Where was Arjun Rampal?

MUMBAI, MAY 15 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Ever since Farhan Akhtar’s Don , Shah Rukh Khan has formed a close bonding with Arjun Rampal. The friendship also led Arjun to get a meaty role in SRK’s Om Shanti Om. And their association was not just restricted to the field of movies but has also extended to the field of sports.

Ever since the IPL matches started, Arjun Rampal has been seen alongside Shah Rukh Khan cheering the Knight Riders team. And like SRK, Arjun has been going all out and loud in supporting SRK’s team. But a point to be noted is that Arjun’s presence in the stadium is directly related to Shah Rukh’s attendance. In Shah Rukh’s absence, when the team needs some Bollywood boosting through other celebrities and Arjun Rampal’s presence is expected, the actor on the contrary has been skipping the matches.

While good friend Juhi Chawla was all alone supporting SRK’s team in Chennai, Arjun was nowhere to be seen. Or for that matter where was Arjun Rampal when SRK couldn’t make it to the Hyderabad match? Seems like the actor is only basking in the free media limelight that is garnered through Shah Rukh’s presence at matches!

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