Are Charmme’s accusations a publicity stunt?

Actress Charmme created quite an uproar with her comments on being ‘cheated’ by many directors when a sleazy inage of hers was leaked out into the media. Charmme looked all upset and made an open statement saying that some films will remain as black spots in her career and that some directors have cheated her. The picture that came out was taken during her shooting for the film Mayagadu, which stars Venu and Charmme in the leads. The actress has accused the film director to have shot her in vulgar angles without her own knowledge. Incidentally, her film Prema Oka Maikam has released today which has Charmme playing the role of a call girl. Could these acusations be a part of publicity stunt to promote her film? The film showcases the actress in a never before seen bold image.

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