Are birthday parties unlucky for Anjali?

Anjali Birthday Party
Anjali Birthday Party

Homely beauty Anjali has become more famous for being a bad girl owing to more than one affairs of her. Apart from her altercation with her aunt, which destroyed her image, the alleged birthday parties have also damaged her reputation to some extent.

About a year ago, few private photographs of Anjali dancing with Tollywood directors, possibly drunk, in her birthday party surfaced on the internet. She was criticized for dancing along with directors who seemed to be drunk. Anjali had to put an end to that gossip by clarifying that she wasn’t drunk that night.

Now, she is back in wrong news with a birthday party. Tamil media is alleging that Anjali slapped an attendant during the recent birthday bash of SJ Suryah, director of ‘Khushi’, Nani’ and Komaram Puli. Once again Anjali had to clarify that she attended Suryah’s birthday party as he was her co-star of Tamil film Iraivi, but that she didn’t slap anyone.

Poor Anjali, birthdays parties are bringing her bad luck it seems.

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