AR Rahman’s Concert went bad with language issue

The noncontroversial international musician A R Rahman’s recent London concert has gone in vain. This concert has invited unwanted fight between two regional people.

AR Rahman's Concert  with language issue
AR Rahman’s Concert with language issue

Going into the details, Rahman has recently participated in a live concert in London, UK. Titled as Netru Indru Nalai, only Tamil songs have been sung by his team. Listening to only Tamil songs, the Hindi fans have walked out of the concert and raised slogans against the organizers. Some over enthusiastic Hindi speakers took Twitter to share their wrath. After watching a series of tweets against Tamil concert, Tamil people have started their war on Hindi people via social networking sites. They say that the songs list was given prior to the show and there is no mistake from the organizers. Another Tamilian asked Hindi People whether they can’t wait for one more hour with respect towards their neighborhood region and language. A frustrated Tamilian reminded a Hindi speaker about their wrath when the entire North has forced the South to learn Hindi.

The war of words are still going on but neither the concert organisers not the Rahman are responding on this regard. Hope this issue ends soon.

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