AR Murugadoss Birthday Special – Here are 6 instances to prove why he is one of the best writers in India

AR Murugadoss, one of finest directors is celebrating his birthday on 27th April. AR Murugadoss is also one of the most impactful directors of Indian Cinema. Though he has directed just 11 movies in his career, the impact he created with his movies will reverberate for many coming years. Dheena his debut movie is a mass masala commercial entertainer, AR Murugadoss path since then was very different. He has the unique style of weaving story around a social cause. His movies questions people and asks them to be socially responsible.

AR Murugadoss Birthday
AR Murugadoss Birthday

Probably, he is one of the rare directors who doesn’t encourage smoking or drinking scenes just for the sake of it. On the occasion of his birthday, have a look at some of his brilliant concepts he picked and scenes which made us feel what goosebumps really are.

1. Ramana:

Ramana starring Vijaykanth is one of the few films which honestly questions about corruption in society. The way he presented the movie, especially climax is not to be missed. Hospital scene which is hilarious as well as a hard dig at Corporate hospitals stands out in this movie and has got huge reception. This movie got remade with Chiranjeevi as Tagore.

2. Ghajini:

The whole concept of the film, where the lead actor suffers from Anterograde Amnesia is surprisingly amazing. Murugadoss has given such a novice experience to audience with this film. Interval scene is so heart-touching where Asin dies watching Suriya suffer, made many of us cry in theaters. In Ghajini, Murugadoss showcased to fight injustice no matter how strong opposition is.

3. Stalin:

Murugadoss for the first time, directed a Telugu film and this time though having Mega Star Chiranjeevi in lead, he just doesn’t back out on picking up a movie based on social cause. In Stalin, he chose to teach audience on how helping only 3 people can be beneficial to society. Can anyone forget the scene where Chiranjeevi explains the above-said concept using a flowchart? Goosebumps indeed.

4. Thuppakki:

One of the best works of Murugadoss till date. Thuppakki can be considered as the rightful tribute to Indian soldiers. His take on Terrorism and Sleeper Cells give us an idea of how in-depth analysis he does for a movie. Best scene in Thuppakki has to be the interval bang where 12 soldiers kill 12 sleeper cells at the same time. Whistles allover.

5. Kaththi:

This is one of the most emotional subjects Murugadoss has ever dealt. His raw taking on farmers issues hits us right in the feels. There are many scenes which are emotional as well as thought-provoking. While Coin fight scene brings out a brilliant thinker in Murugadoss, Farmers mass suicide scene, tunnel scene showcases his exceptional writing skills.

6. Spyder:

Probably, the only film in Murugadoss’s career which was outrightly rejected by the audience. Though this film is a disaster it showcases sparks of Murugadoss brilliance. Entire villain flashback episode proves why Murugadoss is best in business. In Spyder too, he teaches us to be socially responsible.

Murugadoss is currently busy directing Vijay’s 62nd film, their hat-trick combination. Hope we are in store for another brilliant masterpiece from the taskmaster. We wish him a very happy and prosperous birthday.

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