April First Hungama in Tollywood

So far, we experienced traffic jam on the roads due to the lack of discipline among the riders and drivers. But lately, you are seeing a similar traffic jam in another place despite all the discipline and professionalism. We are talking about the film industry and the film releases.

April First Release Telugu Movies
April First Release Telugu Movies

The concept of multiple releases happening on Friday has picked up a lot and there are times when some big budget or big star movies come and others make way. However, it appears that even that has become difficult now. You have already seen how Sankranthi went for Tollywood.

Now, another hungama is in the corner and this is going to take place on April 1st. Very promising movies such as RGV’s Attack, Nara Rohit’s Savitri and some small budget flicks Pidugu, Appudala Eppuduila, Amme Avaru, Bharathana, O Malli,Rahadari, 24 Hours, Dhanadhan are all set to be at loggerheads on April 1st and the makers have announced it officially. Moreover, Tamil Dubbed movies Raja Dhi Raja, Nannau Vadili Neevu Polevule and Mass are going to release on the same day.

Well, let us wait how these 14 movies entertain the audience and hope for the best outcome.

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