Aparna is All About Being Herself

Actress Aparna Gopinath is a refreshing new talent in the world movie glamour and celebrity, with her honest personality and ‘what you see is what you get’ attitude.

As she recently appeared for a photo shoot with minimal makeup, short hair, trademark glasses and a big grin, she confessed “I’m not here to be a glam diva.”

aparna 1

Aparna made her debut in the movie ABCD (American Born Confused Desi) with Dulquar Salman, and also did an important cameo in Gangster, which came out yesterday and has been getting positive reviews.

Though a Malayali by birth, Aparna was brought up in Chennai and so her Malayalam is shaky at best with a distinct English accent. This seemed just right for her Gangster role though and she got to do the dubbing for her own character for the first time.

Munnariyippu, however, turned out to be a different story. The movie, also starring Mammootty, is still in the making and Aparna gives in and accepts it was pretty hard to speak the lengthy Malayalam dialogues that were required of her.

This gorgeous and gritty young starlet is here to stay and Mollywood and the fans should definitely benefit from it.

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