AP youth held for security breach in USA

HYDERABAD: A youth from Andhra Pradesh was arrested at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Monday on the charges of violating federal security measures. His detention case will come up for hearing in the federal court on Thursday.

The youth, Kalyan Krishna Policherla, 27, would face federal and state charges for allegedly refusing to stop at a security checkpoint. Kalyan did not have a boarding pass nor was he carrying any luggage. After evacuating other passengers at the McNamara terminal, the airport guards closed the security gates and took Kalyan into custody by giving him a shock with a teaser device. Sources said Kalyan, who has settled in the US, could belong to Guntur district.

It wasn’t clear as to what was Kalyan doing at the airport, the federal authorities said. “Not only did he breach airport security with no luggage and no ticket or boarding pass, but he parked his vehicle illegally right in front of the airport terminal,” an official said.

Suspicions about Kalyan’s antecedents arose after he refused to divulge his name before a magistrate during a brief hearing in the US district court in Detriot on Tuesday. He would be charged with misdemeanor and for resisting and obstructing a police officer in the 34th district court in Romulus.

The judge also ordered the prosecution’s request for a mental health evaluation of Kalyan, who hails from Bryan area in Ohio. In a strong statement and a misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in prison, Wayne county airport authority police chief Edward Glomb said, “Violations of airport security will not be tolerated at any cost.”
Kalyan’s actions forced even the FBI to send special agent Michael Thomas to the airport to investigate the matter. Thomas, who is on the Joint Terrorism Task Force, would figure out whether Kalyan is a terrorist or has any connection to terror networks, officials said.

In the criminal complaint filed against Kalyan, it was said that he had illegally parked his 2001 Volkswagen Passat with Ohio licence plate outside the McNamara terminal before entering and walking through the checkpoint. “He didn’t heed transportation security administration workers and was subdued by the airport police,” the complaint said.(TNN)

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