AP High Court stops screening of ‘High School’ movie

Overcoming all the obstacles, Kiran Rathod’s ‘High School’ is finally released today. The film is a love story of a 30-year old woman with a 13-year old boy. It stars Kiran Rathod and Master Karthik in the lead roles.

The latest news is that Andhra Pradesh High Court has today ordered to stop screening of the ‘High School’ movie.A lawyer by name Yashwant and also few other persons filed a case in the High Court against the movie. They say that the movie has been found to be very vulgar (after they watched it) and also in some scenes the heroine Kiran Rathod exposes too much like in a rainy scenes where her bra and inner ‘things’ can be easily visible.

Since the movie is likely to spoil the minds of young people, the people have requested the High Court to stop the screening of the movie.

The High courtagreed to their request and ordered the theaters to stop screening the movie.

The next hearing on the movie would be on 9th this month.


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