AP Film Employees strike from tomorrow!

Tollywood is going to face the rough phase again. We all know that in last year December Tollywood movies shootings were stopped due to the differences between producers and employees over the pay hike.

AP Film employees’ federation has been demanding Producers’ council to increase their pay from past few months. In December, when there was a fight between stunt masters that led to major strike in film industry by employees, which causes a huge loss to Tollywood film industry. By that time employees demanded a pay hike from the producers, after some discussions producers was assured them a pay hike from March, 2011.But now they failed to pay the revised payment.

Now AP Film employees’ federation has served strike notice to Producers’ council on April 1st demanding a pay hike failing which they will go on strike from April 8th.

But Today (April 7th) Tollywood producers had an emergency meeting at AP Film chamber of commerce to discuss about strike notice. If producers are not willing to hike their pay from tomorrow onwards there will be no shootings.

So we have to wait for the Producers decision, whether they are ready to face huge loss gain , if the strike occurs from tomorrow.

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