Anushka’s top record in endorsements

Sizzling beauty Anushka Shetty is now becoming the top star in endorsements. In the set of heroes, Mahesh Babu holds the top record in case of endorsements. In heroines, Anushka’s name is now on the top. It seems that this beauty is working as brand ambassador for few top rated brands in India.


She was invited to inaugurate PVR Square in Vijayawada. Soon after this incident, Anushka appeared in the brand ambassador role for Intex cell phones. It seems that this lady took more than 1 Crore remuneration for this brand ambassador tag. Apart from these offers, few more brands are queuing after this beauty to get the dates.

As per the details, Anushka is getting equal amounts for films as well as for endorsements. With these endorsement values, Anushka is now on the top of the list in case of highly earning heroines in South India. “Bahubali” and “Linga” effect was being seen in case of her endorsement career!

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