Anushka’s manager gave clarity on her marriage!

Sizzling beauty Anushka Shetty’s manager gave clarity on her marriage news. From the past few days, marriage of Anushka turned out to be a hot topic in tinsel town apart from “Aagadu” movie talk. Several rumors raised in the media that Anushka will finally get married soon.


Her manager gave clarity of this aspect saying that she is not going to get married soon and that news is all fake. He further gave clarity that she has several projects in line after “Bahubali” and “Linga” and she is yet to choose from the pool.

It is known that Anushka crossed 30 years of age and her demand in the industry is not at all decreased even by an inch. This shows her dedication and her ability to judge the films she accepts. Soon after “Bahubali” and “Linga”, Anushka may sign few more flicks before going into the marriage phase.

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