Anushka’s hand fracture belongs to Rudramadevi account!

Annushka Hand Fracture

Sizzling beauty Anushka Shetty had a fractured hand. She was recently spotted with fractured hand in a photo uploaded by “Rudramadevi” fame director Guna Sekhar. It is known that Anushka is a part of action sequences in both “Bahubali” and “Rudramadevi”. “This fractured hand goes to which account?” turned out to be the point.

Information came from the “Rudramadevi” unit that this fractured is from their account. It seems that Anushka was a part of 40 days action sequence schedule in this flick. After 30 days of film shooting, Anushka was stated to have got injured in an action episode.

In spite of the injury, Anushka didn’t stop her work for “Rudramadevi” and completed her 10 days shooting with perfection. Film unit praised her for this act and dedication on the work.

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