Anushka’s cellphone calls creating sensation in social media

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli Marriage

Sensational beauty Anushka Sharma turned to be the most interesting actress in the current scenario for the media. Her relationship with Virat Kolhi made Indian media concentrate more on her activities.

Recently, she gave an interview to the media and her cellphone rang all the time she was in the interview process. It seems that Anushka disconnected the call and sent texts to the other person all the time. “Who is the person was on the other side?” turned to be the point.

Few media segments mentioned the other person as Virat Kohli. It is a fact that the girl friends are not allowed to be with the team members when Indian Cricket Team is going for high level international tours. This is the reason Anushka didn’t go with Virat, this time. But, they were stated to be connected all the time on phone.

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