Anushka’s Assets Blurred, for Publicity?

Anushka has stopped exposing these days but she can give sleepless nights to even the mighty men if she decides to expose those fleshy parts.

Anushka in Singam 3
Anushka in Singam 3

In Suriya’s ‘Singam’, a film released when the ‘Arabian Horse’ was at her prime, Anushka’s assets were blurred in a hot song, citing that it was too bold to handle. The same was witnessed in Singam 2 as well. Makers cited that Censor Board objected to Anushka’s exposing so they had to blur the scenes where too much exposing was reported.

In fact, Anushka has exposed hell lot in other films which easily passed the Censor. The blurring was said to be the strategy of makers of Singam series to raise expectations over the songs and in turn the film.

Now, similar tactic is being implemented for Singam 3 as well. If Anuhska was not enough, the third part has Shruti Haasan as well. Shruti’s bold attitude doesn’t need an introduction, does it?

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